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Private photovoltaic & energy use system in Herreth, Germany:

This System has been installed and setup in summer 2018.

Total PV power is 9,88 kWp out of 38 modules type IBC MonoSol 260 MS Black. These are looking perfectly at the dark-grey tiles of the roof due to their full-black optical appearance. Already here we got the special situation that 29 modules only are connected to an inverter SMA Tripower 7000 TL-20

The other 9 modules are feeding directly a heating rod in the water storage tank of the house, for thermal use of the solar energy. On one hand this allows the unproblematic use of the left roof area, which is shaded by a tree in the afternoons. On the other hand, the 2,34 kWp of these modules can be calculated fully into the contingent of the German KfW 275 benefit scheme. Sometimes you can play around with the regulations...

Additionally has been installed for further electrical self-consumption an IBC SolStore 6.5 Li lithium storage unit..

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Commercial self-consumption in Herreth, Germany:

This system has been installed in 2014 and started grid operation end of August that year.

Total PV generator power is approx. 19 kWp out of 78 pcs. modules type Yingli 240 Wp polys. These are mounted onto a trapezoidal metal sheet roof of a local brewery in Franconia. Overall four strings are connected to one inverter SMA Tripower 8000 TL-20 and one SMA Tripowe 9000 TL-20

The orientation of the PV system to the west might first look not so perfect concerning yield. But for this application for self-consumption of electricity in the brewery and the attached pub the peak yield in afternoon and evening is perfectly fitting to the daily consumption scheme.


Familiy home in Gleußen, Germany:

This system has been installed in 2013 and started grid operation end of September that year.

Total PV generator power is 9,36 kWp out of 39 pcs. modules type IBC PolySol 240 LS. These are evenly distributed in strings on south, east and west roof. Each roof is separately connected to one inverter type SMA Sunny Boy 3000 TL-21.

Due to the orientation to three different cardinal points and the integrated electricity storage system it is a perfect installation for use of own consumption.

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