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Surveyor reports:

Unfortunately in the last years to many PV system providers have tried to make the fast money in the booming PV markets all around the world.

Due to this a lot of PV systems have been installed at which low quality components have been used and / or basic rules of workmanship have been disobeyed. The customer in such a case is suffering from yield losses and in worst case scenario the PV system can end up in a danger for health and safety in the surrondings.

If you are regrettably one of these harmed users, you will need a legally fitting expert report in order to enforce your justified claims against the installer of the system.

In order to provide you such surveyor reports, I have successfully solved the training for TUV certificated (EU wide) Photovotaic Sytem Surveyor in August 2014.

Of course we will bring in the expertise of such local partners also for expert reports which will fulfil the national laws and regulations of the respective country.