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Autumn 2018: New reference for private photovoltaic & energy use system:


In Summer 2018 DME has finished a new photovoltaic system. This time it is not only a reference for pure PV system but a nice pilot example for integration of photovoltaic, electric battery storage as well as thermal energy use. The combination of these elements, together with the installed heat pump, provides the perfect energy concept for this house.

For details to this system, just check the reference for a private self-consumption application link.


September 2017: Successful re-certification:

Permanent training and experiences are essential for providing state-of-the-art surveys for PV systems. Therefore during September I have passed the re-certification tests for the German “TUV certified (EU wide) Surveyor for Photovoltaic Systems”. S also for the next three years I am for your full disposal for respective surveyor reports!


October 2016: New qualification: Energy Efficiency Representative:

End of September I have finished successfully the qualification course of TUV Rheinland to be authorized Energy Efficiency Representative (TUV / EU wide). With the gained knowledge DME - Dieter Miener Energy can provide your company full consultation concerning all possibilities for saving money on the energy costs.

Of course al legal implications for companies within EU (ISO 50001 / EN 16247-1 are covered by respective solutions.


July 2014: New reference for commercial self-consumption PV:


In June and July DME has finished a new photovoltaic system. This one is a nice reference for a commercial self-consumption application. The rooftop of a local brewery has been covered with approx. 19 kWp PV modules. The resulting energy yield is more than enough to cover the electrical needs of the brewery and the attached pub. You are welcome to have a look at the system while enjoying a cool beer at Gastwirtschaft Stirnweiss in Herreth, Germany.


May 2014: Practice what you preach:

Dieter Miener Energy now goes electric! Since middle of the month the fuel-consuming SUV has been replaced by a more environmentally friendly solution. Now each (local) customer appointment is visited by use of an electric iMiev. Of course this car will be loaded by photovoltaic power whenever possible!



02.01.2014: Official opening:

The DME - Dieter Miener Energy officially starts its operation! From now on we are pleased to be of your service at all questions concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy!

It is the target of Dieter Miener Energy to provide you friendly. professional and excellent services.

Please do not hesitate to check our website for detailed information to DME. For any appearing question or inquries for our services please send a mail to or give us a call at +49 9533 98 05 444.