DME - Dieter Miener Energy

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Let us build together the future of our energy supply:

You want to save money at energy costs? And at the same time work on a better environment for our children?  Dieter Miener Energy assits you for that with both economically and environmentally reasonable solutions. Our experience will accompany you on that way. Together we can avoid that your money will go into the pockets of the big utilities and other global players who are looking only after their bank accounts instead of into the future!

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Our vision and mission

Energiewende: A great German word! It means change in energy supply. Main vision of DME is to take an active part in a clean but also reasonable creation of that change of future energy provision. No father of a familiy can accept and assist the ever rising global warming. Each partner of Dieter Miener Energy will work a bit against this threat! To show you that this can be combined with modern lifestyle and comfort, is target of our services.Join us to protect and  shape our future, and especially the world of our children!

Customer care: As a small private enterprise we naturally provide you a service which is very individually tailored to you and your requirements. Each of your requests will be taken seriously and handled respectively. We are pleased to assist you and will do our utmost to be a partner who will prove satisfactory for the long term!!